Tips for a seamless destination reunion

Multi-generation travel is not without its challenges, but with a little extra planning it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Here are our top tips for a seamless destination reunion.

For families separated by nations and oceans, international borders re-opening are truly something to celebrate. After a restless two years starved of global travel, bucket lists have only grown longer and in this environment, destination reunions are emerging as a popular opportunity for extended family and friends to all explore somewhere new and enjoy a break together. Multi-generation travel is not without its challenges, but with a little extra planning it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here are our top tips for a seamless destination reunion.

​Collaborate around schedules and needs

Discussing various different schedules and needs within the group at the planning stage is a simple way to bring harmony to your reunion. Coming to a consensus about general wake up and meal times, expected budget per day and preferred time of day to travel is essential to make everyone feel like a team. On top of this, different age groups will have specific needs that need to be accommodated. It could be as simple as making sure there is a nice walk near the hotel for the early risers, and good hire car options for the family with a toddler who needs to be back at the hotel for an afternoon nap every day. Respecting each other’s differences can create space for everyone to enjoy their holiday – but it does require communication and planning.

Find something you all enjoy

Whether it’s a shared passion for Italian food, or a love of ocean swims, finding something that unites everyone in your group is essential for a successful trip. Different interests and energy levels across the family mean the group may break up at times to explore, but the key to making your reunion magical is balancing time apart with at least one extended bonding activity each day. Agreeing ahead of time that you’ll all come together as a group - say for dinner and drinks every evening - is a lovely way to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to share meals and stories, and to delight in each other’s company.

Consider the logistics

Picking a destination that checks all the right activity boxes won’t work if it’s too expensive for all guests to reach, the travel takes too long, or visas are difficult to obtain. When coordinating guests from multiple countries of origin, a destination with flexible border requirements is a must. Navigating challenging and lengthy visa applications is never fun, and a quick check prior to making a decision can save future complications. If your group is from different hemispheres and intends to ‘meet in the middle’, remember that what looks like the middle on a world map can have wildly different implications for travel time, cost and potential for jet lag depending on airline routes, and it’s best to ask an adviser to help put together a plan. You may want to think about having those in the group who are more comfortable with travel take a longer journey, easing the inconvenience for those who find extended travel difficult.

All-inclusive packages

If managing different budgets, preferences and schedules is sounding a little overwhelming, consider an all-inclusive cruise or tour package for your reunion. With a family friendly atmosphere, ­adventurous excursion options and plenty of down time, cruising is an ideal activity for a diverse holiday group, and a popular choice. With less time spent arranging logistics and fewer daily decisions required, maximum time can be spent relaxing together as a group – perfect for the first combined holiday after a long absence. Likewise, a quality tour package can ensure your group is able to enjoy the highlights of the holiday destination without the need for complex planning.

Plan with a trusted adviser

Planning a destination reunion is no easy task, and regardless of your approach, a specialist travel adviser can be priceless. Personal research does have its limits - especially when considering such a diverse group - and a specialist in your chosen region can collaborate with you on an itinerary that maximises the holiday experience while taking into account any nuances and restrictions you may have. A good adviser can also step in to assist with logistics mid-holiday if plans or preferences change, saving precious time for all involved. Open borders are certainly something to celebrate, but in our slightly shaky new reality it doesn’t hurt to have someone on your side to give you peace of mind that there’s help in all eventualities.

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