Coronavirus travel update

Information is accurate as at 11 March 2020

Please find enclosed our most recent update in relation to the active outbreak of a novel (new) Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) across multiple countries. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will be in contact with you in the event that any of travel arrangements have been disrupted. Please be assured we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure your travel plans are minimally disrupted. 

Booking change and refund requests for those travelling to countries that have travel restrictions

Smartraveller has changed its advice level for six countries: 

China, Iran, South Korea’s Daegu Province and Italy updated to ‘do not travel 

South Korea (rest of country) to 'Reconsider your need to travel'

Hong Kong, Japan and Mongolia to ‘exercise a high degree of caution

We strongly recommend you read the advice enlisted in the Smart Traveller website found here.  

Many countries in the Pacific including Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia and the Cook Islands have introduced restrictions on travel from countries or areas affected by COVID-19, including in some cases people travelling from Australia.

Due to the above, a number of cruise lines and airlines have cancelled departures or have rescheduled their itineraries. If you're no longer able to travel based on the new immigration restrictions, and you've booked your travel with Freedom Road Travel, here's what you can do:

  1. Customers who have booked a cruise and/or flight that has been cancelled, and it has not yet departed, your travel consultant will contact you to change or cancel your booking. 
  2. For customers who are already onboard a cruise that has now been cancelled, the cruise line will assist you with rebooking.
  3. If you are travelling to the above restricted countries and want to change or cancel your online booking, call 1300 88 37 50 , to speak to your consultant.
  4. We will not charge our own cancellation or amendment fees for customers who have existing bookings to the restricted countries listed above for travel until 31 March, 2020. 
  5. Please check with your consultant if you would like to check if your travel insurance policy covers you for any non-refundable portion of prepaid travel costs. 

Booking change and change requests for the rest of the world

If you are concerned for a recent upcoming trip outside of the restricted countries listed above that you wish to review, please consider the below options before you make any decisions:

Consider travelling somewhere else

If you have a trip booked to somewhere you feel uncomfortable travelling to right now, consider rebooking to a destination closer to home - Australia. 

With recent events impacting our local economy, what better way but to support our local tourism during this tumultuous times. There are so many wonderful places to see and visit in Australia such as the Kimberleys, Tasmania, Uluru and Lord Howe Island. This is certainly the best scenario one can recommend as opposed to forfeiting your entire trip.

Read about our domestic travel deals here.

Consider the risks and your risk tolerance

We all have a different risk tolerance but consider your risk and your risk tolerance. You’ll have to make up your own mind, and taking your physician’s opinion into consideration is never a bad idea.

Forfeit your trip

If none of the options outlined above work for you, and all that’s left is to forfeit your trip, consider our terms & conditions and any supplier fees that may be applicable. Before you resign yourself to losing out on all of the money, make sure you contact us, to see if we can help you. They may be able to offer a partial refund, be willing to change your trip to a later date for free or for a fee, or be ready to offer a discount on future travel. Its important you consider these options before jumping straight to cancelling.