A China Experience - For Solo Travellers (Code: WUCEST)

The quintessential experience, this introductory tour offers a glimpse of China's glorious past, fascinating present and bright future with visits to the exceptional and contrasting cities of Xian, Beijing and Shanghai.


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  • International flights and current taxes
  • Accommodation
  • Domestic transportation
  • All meals (8 breakfasts, 7 lunches & 8 dinners)
  • SHANGHAI - Marvel at this sparkling city on a Huangpu river cruise
  • ZHUJIAJIAO - Soak up the old world charms of this sleepy water town
  • XIAN - Come face to face with the awesome spectacle that is the Terracotta Warriors
  • THE GREAT WALL - Walk along this incredible modern wonder of the world
  • FULLY INCLUSIVE Our fully inclusive group tours include all of your meals, starting from dinner on the normal day of group arrival to breakfast on the day of group departure. You will experience a wealth of asian cuisines with your National Escort on hand to guide you through the dishes.

The quintessential experience, this introductory tour offers a glimpse of China's glorious past, fascinating present and bright future with visits to the exceptional and contrasting cities of Xian, Beijing and Shanghai.

Our A China Experience itinerary has been intricately designed for those who wish to see iconic sites and magnificent treasures. You'll travel with the assurance that all your arrangements are taken care of, with international flights, accommodation and all the touring listed below. You will be accompanied by our industry-leading National Escorts whose unparalleled knowledge and talent will turn your tour into an unforgettable experience.


Destination Information

Shanghai - Once known as the ‘Paris of the East’, Shanghai is now one of Asia’s most influential cities. Prior to communist arrival in 1949, Shanghai was a city with European-style mansions and was the most important trading port in Asia. Today it presents a blend of cultures; the modern and the traditional, along with the occidental and oriental. Modern skyscrapers intermingle with 1920s ‘shikumen’ buildings. This combination is what attracts millions of visitors each year.


Old Town and Yu Gardens -The old town of Shanghai, where cobbled streets are lined with traditional shops selling herbal medicines, handicrafts, Chinese tea and a variety of tantalising snacks, is the original centre of Shanghai and for decades was the seat of Chinese authority in Shanghai. The Yu Gardens is seen as one of the most perfect examples of Chinese garden style. Built by the Ming-era governor, Pan Yunduan, as a retirement gift for his father, the Yu Gardens is home to exquisite jade rock, goldfish-filled ponds and stunning, tranquil pavilions.


The Bund - Recognised as Shanghai's former 'Wall Street', the Bund is home to an impressive collection of buildings from the early trade houses of the 1850s to the glamorous Art Deco modernism of the 1920s. Originally the home of the foreign population of Shanghai, the Bund’s architecture has inherited much western influence and is a stark contrast to the Pudong skyline, sitting across the Huangpu River.


Silk Museum – The Silk Museum is an educational journey through the production of silk, one of China’s most famous and luxurious materials. Learn about the use of silkworms and silk moths in its production; the manufacturing process; as well as silk’s journey along the Silk Road which brought this product across Asia and Europe.


Huangpu River Cruise – There is no better way to see the juxtaposition of eras in Shanghai’s history than by taking a cruise on the Huangpu River. At night, the dazzling colours and lights from Pudong shine bright onto the more modest twilight of the Bund.


Zhujiajiao – One of Shanghai’s sleepy water towns, Zhujiajiao is built on an old canal system once used to transport goods all over imperial China. The town’s alleyways exude old-world charm, whilst the waterways are lined with ancient buildings and crossed by stone bridges.

Itinerary Details

Day 1

DAY 1: AUSTRALIA TO SHANGHAI Fly to Shanghai. On arrival on day 1 you will be met at the airport by your Local Guide and/or National Escort from Wendy Wu Tours. Together with all other group members who may be arriving at a similar time, you will transfer approximately one hour to your hotel for your three night stay. A tour introduction will be held in the hotel either this evening or the next. Food and drinks will not be served at this meeting, it is simply an opportunity for your group to meet and learn more about travelling in China.

Day 2

DAY 2: EXPLORE SHANGHAI Today’s explorations include the peaceful Yu Garden and the atmospheric alleys of the old town. Admire the magnificent colonial architecture along the Huangpu River with a stroll along the Bund before visiting the Silk Museum. Sightseeing today involves a full day of touring around the centre of the city with three to four hours on foot. Later, cruise on the mighty Huangpu River for stunning night vistas.

Day 3

DAY 3: ZHUJIAJIAO WATER TOWN Today, drive approximately one hour to Zhujiajiao, one of Shanghai’s sleepy water towns. Sightseeing here is leisurely and involves a couple of hours exploring on foot. Later, return to Shanghai and enjoy the ancient treasures of the Shanghai Museum before wandering around People’s Square. Dine tonight on traditional Shanghainese cuisine.

Day 4

DAY 4: FLY TO XIAN Fly two and a half hours to Xian for a two night stay. Visit the lovely Little Wild Goose Pagoda and take a stroll through the exotic Muslim Quarter.

Day 5

DAY 5: XIAN - TERRACOTTA WARRIORS Spend the morning viewing the enigmatic ranks of the lifesized Terracotta Warriors. The Museum of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses is located approximately a one hour drive outside of Xian. From the bus park to the museum entrance there is a 15- minute walk. There are electric carts offered by private vendors which can be organised at your own cost. There is no electric cart available for the return from the museum exit to the bus park. Within the museum area the warriors can be seen in three different ‘pits’, which are active archaeological digs. The site is large and will take about two and a half hours to explore. After this, visit the Xian Art Ceramics and Lacquer Exhibition centre to see smaller models of the warriors being made. Later, stroll on the beautifully preserved 14th century city walls that enclose Xian’s old town. The local guide will give you time to explore the ancient city walls at your own pace. There are options here to hire a bicycle or an electric cart to drive along the length of the wall. These are offered by private vendors and can be organised at your own expense. This evening, feast on traditional Shui Jiao dumplings and enjoy a performance of Tang Dynasty dancing.

Day 6

DAY 6: XIAN TO BEIJING Fly one hour and 50 minutes to Beijing. On arrival, transfer one hour to your hotel for an evening of leisure.

Day 7

DAY 7: IMPERIAL BEIJING Walk across the lengths of Tiananmen Square and into the magnificent Forbidden City. Soak up the harmonious ambience of the Temple of Heaven where you can watch, or take part in, an outdoor dance class. You will spend approximately six hours sightseeing today, predominately on foot. This evening, enjoy a Chinese acrobatic show. Please note: The Forbidden City is closed on Mondays. If this day of touring falls on a Monday, your touring in Beijing will be switched around so that the Forbidden City is visited on an alternative day. Please remember to bring your passport with you when visiting the Forbidden City for security check.

Day 8

DAY 8: GREAT WALL OF CHINA You will rise early this morning and drive approximately two hours northwest of the city to the Juyongguan Pass. Here you can take a walk on the Great Wall of China, appreciating the wall itself and the dramatic scenery. Your visit here involves walking from the bus to the first section. After your group has been given an introduction to the Great Wall’s unique history you will approximately have two hours of free time to explore at your own pace. Later, visit the Jade Museum, and in the afternoon, drive approximately one and a half hours to wander around the Summer Palace. This evening, savour a delicious Peking duck dinner.

Day 9

DAYS 9-10: BEIJING TO AUSTRALIA Any time before your flight is at leisure. You will be transferred from your hotel to the airport, according to the departure time of your international flight, arriving home the same of following day

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