Global SIM Card

Staying in touch via your mobile phone overseas can be very expensive if you use your Australian SIM card.

Mobile carriers use global roaming so you can continue to make and receive calls abroad, but the costs are extremely high and you might get a shock when you return home to a huge mobile phone bill.

There's now a solution to this problem that enables you to avoid high global roaming costs, called TravelSIM.

National Seniors Travel customers get an exclusive offer with TravelSIM:

  • A TravelSIM starter pack for $40
  • FREE postage and handling via express post
  • $5 starter credit
  • PLUS a one-on-one phone tutorial on how TravelSIM works

Swap to a TravelSIM for the trip and save up to 75% on sending and receiving calls.

Apply online today or talk to your National Seniors Travel consultant for more information.