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Our globetrotting travel consultants are happy to share their expertise with you so we can make your next holiday a journey to remember.


General Manager – Travel

What I love about travel: Travel makes me feel positive and alive and I love experiencing the wonderful destinations throughout the world and sharing those precious moments with family and friends.

Recent travel moment: A four day hike on Maria Island off the coast of Tasmania. The wilderness was stunning and the wildlife was amazing.

Short term travel goal: To climb Mount Kilimanjaro

I can't leave home without: My iPhone! Not only a camera but also some great travel apps that can help you on your trip.

Travel Tip: For a genuine culinary experience, don't order off the menu - ask for something a local would eat.


Senior travel consultant - International and domestic

I love being a travel agent because: I get to share in the excitement and countdown of the holiday and can provide my clients with really valuable tips to avoid any holiday hassles.

Best travel tip: Take your own pillow!

The most rewarding part of my job: Is hearing all the stories and seeing the photos of my client’s holidays and them saying how smoothly and well it went.

Most memorable cultural experience: Spending a day in the village of the Himba Tribe in Africa. They were the most loving and warm people I’ve ever met, who were willing to give even though they have so little.

If I could go anywhere I’d choose: Outer space.


Team Leader & Senior Travel Consultant

My travel bucket list: Patagonian Fiords, Scandinavia, Italy, East Coast of the USA and Ireland.

The best holiday I have arranged: A 30 day itinerary taking in the best of South America as well as a journey to the Galapagos Islands.

My areas of expertise are: South America, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Norfolk Island, European River Cruising, Canada and Alaska.

The most rewarding part of my job: Helping to make people’s dreams a reality.

Best travel tip: Only take on holidays what you are prepared to lose.

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Senior travel consultant – International and domestic

If I could go anywhere I’d choose: A visit to ‘Lapland’ in Finland for Christmas with my family, so we could meet Santa and his reindeer. They would love it, and if truth be told, so would I!

My travel bucket list: To go to every Disneyland in the world (California, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong, with Shanghai due to open in 2016).

The most rewarding part of my job: Is helping to make my client’s dream holiday become a reality.

Best travel tip: Don’t forget your camera charger, phone adaptor and phone charger. I never leave home without them.

My most memorable travel experience: Walking through Red Square in Moscow at night while it was all lit up – absolutely spectacular.


Senior travel consultant – International and domestic

My most memorable travel experience: Sailing down the Nile River on a felucca singing Billy Joel’s Piano Man at the top of my lungs, with the backdrop of the most amazing sunset.

The most rewarding part of my job: I love it when a client comes home and they tell me about all the amazing experiences they had while they were away.

Most memorable cultural experience: Walking from Batur Volcano in Bali on the old trading route to the coast. On the way we saw a man who was dressed in a loincloth, standing on a pitchfork while smoking. I never would have expected to see this in the 21st century.

My travel bucket list: India, South America, Canada and everywhere in between – so basically anywhere!

Best travel tip: Pack lightly! First of all, pack what you think you need. Then take out half of what you packed. Now while you are away, you don’t have to worry about suitcase weight. So if you want it, get it – you now have room and you may never be back!